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AYF Olympic Softball Picnic

August 30, 2014

Ara Topouzian will be joined by Mal Barsamian, Mark Gavoor, Jerry Gerjekian and Tom Zakarian for an afternoon of Armenian folk music at Ford Field Park (Ford Field is located south of Cherry Hill between Monroe and Brady. ) in Dearborn, MI.  This event is part of the Armenian Youth Federation Olympic weekend .


Hamtramck Labor Day Festival

September 01, 2014

Annual Labor Day event will take place in the City of Hamtramck between Caniff and Commor. Armenian and Middle Eastern music will return with Ara Topouzian and Jerry Gerjekian starting at 3PM. More info to follow.


Arts, Beats & Eats

September 01, 2014

 Ara Topouzian returns to the international stage at Arts, Beats, & Eats on Monday, September 1st at 11am. More information to follow or visit 

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